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דגל ישריא

We live, but still do not understand, one of the greatest revolutions in human history - the dramatic increase in life expectancy.


The implication of this revolution is not - as many think - addition years to our old age, but the formation of a new period in human life -  The  Age of Wisdom.

This age is qualitatively different from adulthood that precedes it and old age that follows.


The Age of Wisdom has the potential to become one of the most rewarding periods in our life with far-reaching positive implications for the society at large.


Its realization requires reframing of our aging approach and plan of action.


Today, the course of actions in treating with ageing is dominated by two main approaches - the micro-biological approach and the medical approach.


The micro-biological approach conceives aging as wear and tear caused to cells and molecules. Thus, once we will be able to locate, repaire, or replaced them, we will be able to eliminate aging and stay young forever.


The medical approach conceives ageing as a medical problem - a series of chronic illnesses that need to be cared and cured.


However, the micro-biological approach and the medical approach miss what is beyond their sphere of interest.

The human being is a unity that cannot be divided down without losing its unique human potency. In aging the human personality as a whole is a source to resilience that should be consider as the major factor in achieving quality of life and longevity.


It does not implies undermining the importance of medical and biological roles in treating aging, but grade the human resilience synergistic strength above them, and as such, place most responsibility of coping with aging on the person himself.


Of course, aging brings losses. Physically we weaken. Our sight may blur, hearing may dull, , spouse and  friends may die or become disabled. All of this is true, but it’s not the whole truth. It ignores not only the effects of our personal resilient on our ability to cope with changes and crises but also on our physical functioning, our immune system, and our ability to recover from diseases.


Aging is a life journey, not some kind of disease or biological disorder. The most precious gift of aging is wisdom, and with the new period in human life - we can transfer our aging from downhill years to a new personal evolution journey.


This site provides the theoretical as well as the practical guidelines to prepare, plan and acting in this uplifting  life journey.

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