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Cultivating personal Practical Wisdom

In my previous post, I discussed how the transition from the age of information to the age of Practical Wisdom affects us as individuals in a complex and uncertain world.

Many readers asked how they can integrate Practical Wisdom into their lives. My book "Thinking like a Fox" provides a comprehensive guide to developing the personal skills necessary to cope with the realities of the 21st century. In this post, I will provide a brief explanation of cultivating personal Practical Wisdom.

Practical Wisdom is an inseparable characteristic of the personality of individuals I call "foxes." These individuals distinguish themselves from "hedgehogs," who view life as a set of problems that can be resolved through the general knowledge provided by AI tools and guidance from higher authorities. In contrast, foxes see life as constantly in flux, and they develop their foxiness skills by experiencing and providing their personal solutions to these changing realities. They do not rely on external authority to guide them on how to navigate the rivers of their life.

While the human tendency to become a hedgehog is deep within our nature, there is also a hidden tendency within our nature towards foxiness.

During childhood, the process of exploring and experimenting in unfamiliar surroundings sparks our innate curiosity and drives us to develop our thinking, action, and learning abilities simultaneously

based on our experiences. However, once we start attending school, teachers often enforce a structured curriculum that focuses on acquiring various study topics in a disconnected manner, lacking a clear context.

As adults, we are often overwhelmed by all kinds of external information and tasks, which leaves very little space for the attentiveness needed to execute our Practical Wisdom.

Despite this, we can and must awaken and nurture our foxiness, even if it has been dormant for years.

So, where do you go from here? Consider reading "Thinking like a Fox" and taking steps to develop your Practical Wisdom skills. Remember that Practical Wisdom is about acquiring knowledge but more about experiencing reality and finding relevant solutions. By cultivating your foxiness, you can navigate the complex and uncertain world of the 21st century with confidence and purpose.


Apr 25, 2023

תודה רבה. אולי לכתוב קצת דוגמה מה עושים על מנת לשמר את אותה רוח תודעה?


Mar 01, 2023

צביקה איזה יופי של עטיפה! סמדר

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